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Whether for customer acquisition or retention, digital advertising drives targeted traffic, builds engagement, and encourages conversions through well-planned, cost-effective, integrated campaigns.

With a strong understanding of the current digital landscape, Primera Marketing Group leverages the power of digital advertising platforms to connect audiences with their desired products, services, and overall needs. Magnetic ad copy and content worth engaging with is strategically placed wherever your audience touchpoint(s) may be.

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There are customers out there looking for your products and services, are they finding them?

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Google & Facebook still hold the largest share of total US digital ad spend (38.6% and 19.9%; respectively).

Let Us Help With the Finer Aspects of Online Advertising

The type of online advertising strategy that works best for you depends on your specific industry and the overall size of your business. On your own, you can take the trial-and-error approach to figure out what works, but that can cost you customers (and your budget). You and your business are better served relying on professionals familiar with crafting an effective approach:

  • Understand the most effective options for your specific niche.
  • Know just what you need to appeal to your target customer.
  • Focus on rebranding, which is concerned with creating repeat customers who come back to you again and again.

Turn to Primera Marketing Group when you’re ready to compete via digital advertising across one channel or multiple marketing channels.

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Put Our Expertise to Good Use

We have a background in scalability and A/B testing, and our experts are Google-certified. Add all that up and you have digital advertising professionals ready to deliver the results you need and deserve.

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We Are a Digital Marketing Agency Adept At Reaching Both Local and National Customers

Located in Columbia, Maryland, Primera Marketing Group has both a local/regional reach and an extensive national reach as well. Because we know that businesses find success with a multi-channel approach, we also suggest reviewing our other services as well:

Website Design
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Content Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Print Design & Marketing


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