Email Marketing Builds & Maintains Loyalty

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Meaningful email marketing experiences drive engagement and help earn long-term customer retention.

Your customers and target audience likely check their email several times a day, and just like with regular snail mail, it’s always nice to receive something worthwhile rather than another piece of junk mail. To increase the odds that your customers open messages from your business and read them from start to finish, Primera Marketing Group is here to help you with email marketing services.

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There are customers out there interested in following your brand via email. Is your strategy geared to acquire and maintain new business?

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Email marketing is cost effective. Some solid estimates put email marketing’s ROI at nearly 4,300%.

Email Marketing That Gets Results

Besides keeping your current customers interested and winning over potential new customers, email marketing offers several additional benefits:

Customer retention is the least expensive way to acquire and grow a customer base.

When done right, you can boost the results of your social media and content marketing campaigns with the right email marketing strategy.

It’s easier to remain in the forefront of your target customer’s mind when you consistently send useful information and interesting news to their inbox.

Despite what you may think, consumers enjoy getting emails from companies. The trick is to develop a reputation for sending emails that make consumers smile rather than groan.

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Located in Columbia, Maryland, Primera Marketing Group has both a local/regional reach and an extensive national reach as well. Because we know that businesses find success with a multi-channel approach, we also suggest reviewing our other services as well:

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