With so many different ways to label and define your target audience, making sure that you reach the right people can seem impossible. What happens if you get it wrong? How much does it cost to get it right?

LinkedIn recently introduced the idea of lookalike audiences which allows people to attract professionals that are similar to their ideal, current, customer. Your lookalike audience starts with a Matched Audience, a list of customers that you already have (i.e. contacts from your CRM or visitors from your existing website) and from there LinkedIn uses a targeting algorithm to find members that similar to the original audience.

Lookalike audiences allow you to:

  • Engage with new target accounts. Lookalike audiences allow you to target companies and individuals that you may not have even considered before. 
  • Reach a high converting audiences. Because lookalike audiences are very similar to your already existing customers, you are matching with professionals who are very likely to interact with your brand, engage with your content, give you their information or become a paying customer. 
  • View your marketing efforts on a measurable scale. Using this strategy allows you to create and tailor your campaigns to another, available, the audience all while keeping track of your reach and effort through the campaign software.  

LinkedIn has taken every stride to make this feature as easy, accessible and useful as possible. They only include active member accounts and have built this model based on their database of accurate and complete company information—they have already vetted the information that they are using in their algorithm. LinkedIn also provides filters so that you can target your lookalike audience with particular options and they have also made testing it easy.

Although these marketing features may be new, much thought and practice have gone into making sure marketing through lookalike audiences would be successful and many clients and customers are agreeing.

You can get started with lookalike audiences quickly and effectively by going to the Campaign Manager section of your business account.