Digital and print marketing may seem like totally separate entities, but in reality, many successful campaigns are built as a hybrid of both approaches. For example, as pointed out by The Manifest on Medium, organizations from Heinz to Burger King have found great success marrying print and digital advertising. This post goes over some tips to keep in mind as you employ this dual approach in your own marketing efforts.

Automated Direct Mail

Digital tools can take a lot of the legwork out of disseminating direct mail materials—and make them more effective at the same time. The software can automate the process of sending direct mail. With coordination, it is possible to make it so that customers see online ads and receive physical pieces of print marketing in a short window of time, increasing the likelihood that your message sticks and spurs them to action.


Print marketing, just like digital marketing, can benefit greatly from personalization. For example, a technique known as variable data printing can create print materials that are tailored to specific customers. This can combine with targeted, individualized digital ads to create a one-two personalized punch. QR codes can even make it possible for customers to scan a piece of print material to gain access to a digital piece of content, such as a demo.

Track Your Efforts

You can’t get the most out of digital and print marketing unless you’re tracking the return on investment (ROI) of both. Luckily, tracking ROI is a very achievable goal. For example, Laura Lake at The Balance Small Business points out that creating different URLs that lead to different landing pages in your company’s web domain can be a way to track how much a piece of print or digital advertising is achieving its goal.

If you find that a particular print or digital ad is underperforming and not driving visitors to your website, you can tweak it or pull it. Likewise, if an ad is achieving wild success, you can run it more often or emulate what makes it work in other ads—both online and offline.