Before launching an SEO campaign to bring visitors to your website, you have to make sure the site is terrific—in a few crucial and specific ways.

For a successful SEO campaign, ace these aspects of your website and online marketing footprint:

  • Website function: If your site has glitches, now is the time to fix them. Iron out any kinks in your website, so that it’s a great place to visit and explore.
  • Mobile: Most people consume website content on mobile screens, so make sure you offer a flawless mobile experience.
  • Design: Show off your unique brand and style, but keep the fundamentals, like navigation easy to find and understand.
  • Content: Make sure your website has solid basics, like a page to describe each of your services and/or products. You’ll need content of interest to your target persona(s) and all levels of familiarity with your products. For example, include beginner-level, overview content, as well as detailed content for those who know your industry well.
  • Blog: Build up a library of blog content that showcases your expertise and provides sage advice for your site visitors.
  • Images: Photos pull people in, but not if they’re boring. Avoid stock photos if you can—or choose very relevant and striking ones. Skip overly generic photos and take your own photos if you can.
  • Unique selling points: Know what makes you different (and better for your audience) than competitors. Accentuate your differences, and you’ll attract people who can’t find your special angle (your secret sauce, if you will) at other industry websites.
  • Conversion path: Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every visitor who landed on your site immediately hit the purchase button and bought into your brand instantly? Well, these days, conversion paths are typically longer and more complex. Still, make your product/service easy to purchase, in as few clicks as possible. Make the path clear and direct so prospects don’t get distracted from, or lost on, your website.
  • Social media: Create pages on the top social media for your audience, keeping the pages active, fresh and updated.

If this seems like a daunting list, we can help. Get experts on your side, to prepare your website and brand for successful SEO campaigns. Contact Primera Marketing Group today.