Even though more people are interacting via text, there’s still a place for email, especially circumstances when you have more to say to current or potential customers.

Email marketing allows people to more room to share their key points and also easily include other graphic elements. It gives you more of an opportunity to share facts and opinions, rather than a quick short message.

But email marketing efforts of today are much more advanced than what was considered best practices a decade ago.

Now, there are quite a few more tools and techniques to better launch a campaign as well as find out details like how many people clicked on any links. But there are also some challenges to stay relevant and make your emails something look forward to reading, rather than deleting or not even seeing if they’re in a spam folder.

Some email marketing strategies include:

  • Figure out your goal ahead of time. Why are you sending this particular email or campaign? What are you trying to accomplish? Are there better ways to do this? For instance, an “awareness” message just to build up loyalty and get attention might be better off on social media.  But if you’re trying to increase sales, email may be a smarter solution.
  • Encourage list growth. Increased sales aren’t the only metric that can benefit from smarter email marketing. You could also include a request in future emails asking people to subscribe to your emails or tell their friends and colleagues.  This can pay off too – a larger list can provide better demographics.
  • Invite engagement. Mass emails have typically been a one-way approach where a sender sends something to many people, which is sometimes read by some of them. But a smarter approach could be to include details in the email asking readers to share their thoughts and opinions. Adding incentives to contribute such as random prize drawings could help encourage participation, as can mentioning who they are, what they said and what they received. This could encourage others to follow suit.

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