Most marketers are aware that they need to include a call to action in each of their email marketing campaigns. However, it’s not enough to alert consumers to the availability of a great deal or a wonderful new product that would be useful for them. In order to nudge them closer to making a purchase, you have to provide a call to action which motivates them to begin the purchasing journey and puts them one step closer to what you want them to do. Here are some creative types of calls to action you might want to consider.

Text CTA’s

Everyone thinks of CTA’s as buttons that have to be pushed in order to direct someone to another website or location. However, a CTA can simply be a block of text which directs the user to perform the desired action, or it can be linked to another website that you want them to go to for more information.

Use Your CTA to Develop New Leads

Generating new leads is always a good idea, and if you can encourage the people you send your emails to, to forward your message to their friends, that could go a long way toward bringing in new customers. This, in fact, can be your CTA – an encouragement to your readers to share or forward your message with others in their circle, so as to expand your reach even more.

Link Images to Landing Pages

Since it is a known fact that people love clicking on images, you should use this fact to your advantage by having them click on your images so they can be directed to a landing page or blog post which you generated. By linking your images to the desired location, you will be providing users with an opportunity to do something they like anyway, and you’ll be directing them to see a message of your choosing.

Connect CTA’s with Signatures

While most people ignore email signatures, this might be a very creative way of having your email recipients perform an action that you want them to, when clicking on the signature. This way you can encourage readers to register for an event that you are hosting, or simply to visit your business profile on one of the major platforms. Regardless of the specific action intended, using your signature in an email can be very useful to your company.