Your business website is critical to your company’s overall success: It often gives visitors their first impression of your business, and it serves as a portal for making sales. This post goes over some tips that will help your business website thrive.

Tip 1: Know Your Goals

Like virtually every element of a business, websites are much more successful if they have clearly defined goals. For instance, a photographer who wants to show off their portfolio will want a website design that makes it easy to do so. A roofing company, meanwhile, will still likely want some images but also room to focus on written content about different roofing services.

Tip 2: Use Effective Calls to Action

Calls to action are another helpful guiding element of a business website. Whatever your website’s call to action is, users should be able to find it and answer it easily. To put that advice into practice, Smashing Magazine‘s Jacob Gube recommends making call-to-action buttons relatively large and using contrasting colors to differentiate them.

Tip 3: Make an Offer

Customers have many businesses to choose from. One way to make them more likely to choose yours is to offer something on their first visit to your website. Service-based businesses might offer free consultations, while product-based businesses might offer free samples or downloads in exchange for email addresses.

Tip 4: Keep Hosting in Mind

Web hosts are vital to the success of any website. They are especially critical for business websites: A bad host can cause endless problems for both your business and potential customers. When choosing a web host, take into account factors like security, speed, and estimated uptime.

Tip 5: Look Around for Ideas

Looking at successful websites for inspiration can be a great tactic. Think about what the websites you enjoy using—both inside and outside your company’s field—do well. Those traits may be useful to emulate on your website. If you’re hiring an outside web designer, you can also point them toward the websites you hope to mimic as a guide.