Whether or not you ‘do’ social media in your personal life, it’s a good idea to use it in your professional life. This hits two of the fundamentals of sales: it’s not what you want, but what the customer wants; and businesses need to go where the customers are.

So if you know that past, current or potential customers are using various social media channels, go and find them there. Your presence can include posts, links, photos, and ads, anything to encourage people to get involved in a conversation, enjoy your brand and promote sales.  

It can be challenging to get out there, especially if you aren’t entirely familiar with the various social media platforms or how to target certain demographic groups. Plus, some channels allow other members to see conversations, which can add to the public pressure to say or do the right thing.

For those looking for ways to increase their outreach in 2020 and beyond, consider being active on these social media channels.

  • Yes, it’s been around for years and may or may not do shady things with user data. But it also has the largest market share of all social networks, which means it has the largest global audience, so needs to be an essential part of any marketing outreach plan. It does, make it easy and inexpensive for businesses to target the most ideal audiences. 
  • TikTok allows users to post short videos and share them, including adding music or sound effects. It’s especially popular with younger users. 
  • Live streams of games and other activities are gaining in popularity. Programs like Caffeine are alternate ways to share information that usually would be conveyed as text. 
  • Think of Instagram but with the ability to segment your audience for different types of posts. Your business can create a variety of channels within Vero for different types of content. 
  • Owned by Facebook, it allows users to easily make short videos and share them between Facebook and Instagram.  

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