Online advertising is a great tool for many reasons, one of which is that it is possible to continually improve digital campaigns. This post looks at three strategies for doing that.

Strategy 1: Spend Enough Money

“Spend enough money” may sound like terse advice, but many companies try to get away with skimping on budgets for their online advertising efforts. It’s important to accept the idea that this can be an expensive venture, especially since prices for digital advertising have been rising for several years. However, you can mitigate the costs somewhat by focusing on the right goals, meaning you’ll waste less money. The next two strategies focus on identifying those goals.

Strategy 2: Target Your Audience Carefully

Carefully targeting your audience is critical for running a cost-efficient and effective campaign. Ask yourself questions like: What problem does my product or service solve, and what type of person has this problem? Where do my target customers live? What channels are they active on? For example, if your target audience spends lots of time on Facebook but little time on Instagram, then your advertising efforts will be wasted on the latter. It may take some trial and error to narrow down your audience’s characteristics by using ad-performance metrics, but it is vital nonetheless.

Strategy 3: Consider Quality—Not Just Quantity

Attracting a large number of visitors to a company’s website is a reasonable goal for an online advertising campaign. However, it should not be the only goal. Instead, consider tailoring campaigns toward the goal of generating high-quality leads instead of merely shooting for a high quantity of leads. Try honing in on specific objectives like boosting subscription numbers or making people aware of a particular service or product. Another way to generate high-quality leads is by posting lead-generation forms—such as ones offering a free estimate—on every page of your website, as recommended by online marketing expert Neil Patel.

To sum up this article: For the best results, you will need to put enough money behind carefully targeted ads with a specific goal.